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Audio Description is the technique of translating visual information into objective, unbiased words. The purpose of audio description is to provide access to essential visual information for people who are blind or have low vision. By definition, audio description provides the essential visual information for individuals who are blind or visually impaired using the natural pauses in dialogue or narration to insert detailed descriptions of the essential visual elements: actions, appearance of characters, body language, costumes, settings, lighting, etc., in live productions and filmed or televised broadcasts.

The mission of AUDIO DESCRIPTION LOS ANGELES is for visually impaired people in the Los Angeles area to have access to the highest quality description.

A trained describer provides information about the settings, costumes, body language, lighting, color and sight gags in a visual presentation or performance. In a live setting, concise, objective descriptions are inserted between portions of dialogue or songs. The description is delivered by FM or Infrared signal via a headset and receiver. In an exhibit or gallery setting, the description is delivered via headset, MP3 player, CD, or from a written script read by a docent. In media, the descriptions are placed in the spaces between the dialog and mixed with the original audio.

ADLA members have developed Standards for Description that have been adopted by describers throughout California. Our describers have over 50 years of combined experience in live theatre, events, fine art, exhibit and video description. Our expertise extends to training describers for in all facets of description.

ADLA members have provided live description for the following organizations: